Tigercat® / Trenching

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J.F. Kiely routinely excavates trenches by two common methods, conventional & with chain trenchers.

However, when encountering thick concrete and rebar, frost, thick asphalt, or working with time constraints, we use our Tigercat® T750 Street Trencher to do the job.

Our Tigercat® is designed to pulverize the toughest blacktop and concrete material and make it suitable as backfill material. This reduces the cost and need for trucking and recycling of any excavated material.

Daily, weekly and monthly rental of our Tigercat® is availible.

For information about a Tigercat® us at Kiely Rents at 732-222-4400 ext. 237

In addition to our Tigercat® trencher we have a diverse inventory of trenching equipment capable of meeting and exceeding all of our customers' needs.
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